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Energy Strategy Study
Goals to Building Great

The goal of this Energy Strategy Study is to help you build a better house, lower utility bills, add comfort, make the house more healthy to live in and avoid costly maintenance issues in the future. The over-riding concept is “value for dollar spent” during construction and over the many years you live in the house. We must also consider time and effort. Money may rule, but if your subcontractors have to retrain or spend excessive time on an issue, a “high tech” answer may be the better value. We will accomplish these goals by developing a total system for your design based on where you are building, and the type products and expertise you and your contractors prefer to use. It takes a team effort to make everything work together to get the best dollar value in the energy saving game. There are many options that could be added or changed, but using experience and years of computer analysis, field testing of actual houses in our area and a national standard to compare, we have an excellent, proven strategy. A plan that assures success. The techniques we use were developed by computer models, built, tested and improved over time. Experience produces the best answers.

The following strategy study includes both technical and general information. The articles that follow should help make you the “Energy Inspector” of you own house. Some articles help you understand the simple concepts and others includes are short specifications to help you select the products you will be using. We have found if some simple, practical, proven methods are understood by those involved, huge savings can be had at minimal cost and effort. It takes a plan based on methods of science and experience o put the system together to maximize savings.